Corleone Family Net Worth – From “The Godfather”

Corleone Family are fictional characters in both the novels and the films by Mario Puzo entitled “The Godfather.” They are an organized crime family based in New York City and from Sicily, Italy.

Corleone Family Net Worth

The net worth of the whole Corleone family is estimated to be around $1 billion. The wealth of the family can be traced back to their patriarch, Vito Corleone who established Genco Pura Olive Oil Company as a front for his criminal activities. 

The Corleones became the most powerful crime family in New York after defeating the Maranzanos during the Olive Oil War in the early 1930s. 

The family also owned a number of real estate properties like mansions, hotels, and casinos.

Corleone Family History

The Corleones is one of the Five Families (in organized crime) operating in New York and in other parts of the United States. 

The family was instrumental in founding the Commission in 1934, which is the ruling body of the Mafia in the US. It was founded by Vito Corleone, during the Pacification of New York. The commission oversees all the activities of the Mafia. It consists of the Dons or the heads of the most powerful Mafia families. It is also tasked to handle disputes and settle arguments. The members of the commission also approve new members, capos or bosses. 

In the course of the story, Vito Corleone is shot but survives and is hospitalized. His son, Sonny takes over as the Don of the Corleone family. After this, there was a second attempt to end his life. Sonny then ordered the assassination  of Bruno Tattaglia, son of Don Tattaglia. 

Don Vito’s youngest son Michael murders both Sollozzo and corrupt police officer named Captain McCluskey during a meeting in the Bronx. After this, Michael was forced to flee to Sicily. This event triggered the war between the Five Families.

Don Vito retired and suffered from a heart attack which caused his death. Michael became the Don of the Corleone family. Michael carries out Sonny’s plan to kill the other New York City Mafia bosses.

After this, Michael moves the family to Lake Tahoe. He also attempts to legitimize all the family businesses but this is halted as he is pulled back into crime after a failed attempt to kill him by Miami gangster Hyman Roth, who is also a business partner of their family.

By 1979, most businesses and activities of the Corleone family were legitimate. Michael Corleone, focused on their businesses that are unconnected to the Mafia. But some people from their family did not like this move.

Michael appointed his nephew and Sonny’s illegitimate son, Vincent Mancini in 1980, to succeed him as the Don of their family. He also allowed Vincent to change his name to Vincent Corleone. In return for this, Michael ordered him to end his relationship with Michael’s daughter, Mary Corleone. Vincent agreed and told Michael that he would.

Michael mentored Vincent and he became wiser, fit to be the new Don of the family. 

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