Chris Agront Net Worth – The Puerto Rican Forex Expert

Chris Agront is a Puerto Rican businessman and Youtuber. He is the CEO and founder of JetTrades.

Chris Agront Net Worth

Chris Agront’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million USD. He is a businessman and a content creator. He is the Chief Executive Officer of JetTrades, a company which he also founded. It is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and specializes in Spanish online education and signal providing softwares in the Forex market. Forex has also played a huge role in Agront’s net worth accumulation.

JetTrades has a presence in the United States, Puerto Rico, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela and Spain.

Chris has a flashy lifestyle and he often shows it on his social media. He has expensive cars, designer clothes from popular fashion brands like Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, and takes a private jet when he is traveling.

He has almost 20K subscribers on his Youtube account which he created on August 17, 2011. The channel has over 1.3 million views in total. 

Personal Life

Chris Agront’s personal information is not available on the internet. These include his family history, childhood, and more.

He attended the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico where he studied Psychology. However, he was not able to finish his studies because he chose to pursue various entrepreneurial ventures.

Chris learned Forex trading and this is where he first achieved success in 2016 and earned a fortune. He knew that he had the skills and the talent and he wanted to share this to others. This led him to start his own businesses.

He has recently been charged with tax evasion according to the secretary of the local Department of Treasury of Puerto Rico. A judge ordered his arrest after charges against him were filed and imposed a $100,000 bond. Chris Agront did not report more than $11 million in income and did not pay the tax of about $7.6 million.

Professional Career

Chris Agront’s skills and experience led him to establish JetTrades which specializes in Spanish online education and signal providing softwares in the Forex market. He wanted to bring the same possibilities to his community which had little to no knowledge at all of what Forex currency trading or stock market are.. 

During the start of the company, the concept was to teach people through one-on-one skype calls and also via personal meetings. The first courses of JetTrades were sold for $25 and consisted of 1hour skype calls. Today, the company is worth millions and has made a huge impact on the lives of individuals, especially the Latino community. In 2018, he incorporated  JetTrades LLC.

Agront continued to train as an insurance agent, cell phone repair, network marketing, and music concert producer, among other business initiatives.

On his Youtube channel, some of his most popular videos are “My First Million,” “I Made Myself in Puerto Rico,” and “I bought $70,000.00 in shoes and clothes in one day.”  

Chris Agront Relationship Status

There are no details about Chris Agront’s previous or current relationships.

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