Todd Valentine Net Worth – Is Being A Dating Coach Worth It?

Todd Valentine is a dating coach and author. He is the author of the dating guidebook for men called “The System.”

Todd Valentine Net Worth

Todd Valentine’s net worth is about $1 to $2 million USD. A big portion of his fortune is coming from his career as a dating coach. He has been doing it for a long time. He has been doing pickup since 2000 and taught it since around 2004. 

He wrote the book called “The System” which is a dating course for men. It contains various guidelines on how to approach, seduce, and sleep with the ladies. In the book, Todd promotes a five-step process, which is mainly from his own experiences and interactions in the dating scene. Todd Valentine also has a free program called Winner Game.

He has a Youtube channel called “Todd V dating” which has 231 thousand subscribers. He created his channel on September 21, 2017 and the videos has more than 27 million total views.

Personal Life

Todd Valentine’s personal details are not available on the internet. These include his family history, childhood, and more.

He was a mechanical engineering student at Union College in Albany, New York. When he was in the last year of his bachelor’s degree, he decided to enroll at Real Social Dynamics, which is a school for pick-up artists. After several sessions, he left school to join the Project Hollywood mansion. Project Hollywood’s purpose was to create a place for men who dedicated their lives to chasing women to coexist peacefully.

Professional Career

Todd Valentine was a senior dating coach at Real Social Dynamics before the company’s downfall. Real Social Dynamics had seminars, boot camps and sold merchandise to their customers across the world. The pick-up artist industry is highly lucrative which allowed the company to earn a huge amount of money even reaching millions.

Valentine has been doing pickup since 2000 and taught it since around 2004. 

He then established his own programs and courses. He even authored a book called “The System” which is a guidebook for men on how to pick-up or seduce women. The book is composed of five steps which are Open, Premise, Evaluate, Narrative, and Close. The book also contains what to not do when talking or having a conversation with a woman.

Todd is the man behind Winner Game which teaches men how to pick-up women based on simple, practical concepts that have been proven to work in the field for almost two decades. It also exposes the myths and half-truths of the pickup industry. You can get the program for free, yes you read that right! Get it here.

Todd Valentine Relationship Status

There are no details about Todd Valentine’s previous or current relationships.

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