Ron Swanson Net Worth – The Parks and Rec Department Head

Ron Swanson is a fictional character on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” He is played by the actor Nick Offerman.

Ron Swanson Net Worth

Ron Swanson’s net worth is reported to be around $60 million in the year 2000. That’s more than 20 years ago! With his investments and salary, it is safe to say that he has acquired a massive fortune. Many fans of the show have speculated that he has a net worth of more than $100 million. 

Ron also has 51% shares of Lagavulin, his favorite brand of whisky, in Scotland. According to most sources, the company is worth around $20 million, making Ron’s stake around $10.2 million.

In the episode “Gin it up’ the lawyer” where he wrote a will in the event of his death, he gave his children 5% of his assets and said that his children would never need to work a day in their lives. This just means that he has deep pockets. In addition to this, he also has bags of gold bars and precious gems, which significantly adds to his fortune.

As a government worker, specifically the director of the parks and recreation department, it can be said that his salary is above average.

Ron Swanson is also very stingy. He does not like to spend his money on useless things and even builds many of the things he needs on his own – just like his canoe.

Personal Life

Ron Swanson is a very private person so he had his birth date removed from all public records. He grew up in a small town. His mother is named Tamara “Tammy” Swanson. From a very young age, he loved woodworking, claiming to have built his first chair when he was 5 years old.

He claims to have worked at a metal sheet factory when he was just 9, and at 12, he said that he went to prom and was working at a quarry. 

When Ron was 15 years old, he moved in with his first wife, also named Tammy. Tammy was a candy striper or a hospital volunteer at the hospital where Ron was born. Coincidentally, his second wife is also named Tammy. In Parks and Rec, they were referred to as Tammy One and Tammy Two. At 18, Ron continued his education and went to college. He fears his first two wives.

His third wife is the lovely Diane whom Ron has two stepdaughters with. By the show’s last season, Diane became pregnant with a boy.

He loves meat, hunting, fishing, woodworking, breakfast foods, and Lagavulin whisky. He is the definition of a stereotypical masculine man. He is tough on the outside but soft on the inside, as cliche as that sounds. He cares deeply for his friends and co-workers, even if he does not show it too often. 

Professional Career

At the start of the show, Ron Swanson has been the director of the Parks and Recreation department for six years. Despite working in government, he still believes that government just wastes taxpayers’ money.

Nonetheless, because of his co-workers, especially Leslie Knope, he tries his best to do his job and do projects that will serve the Pawnee community.

Ron Swanson Dating History

Ron Swanson was married to Tammy One and Tammy Two. His third one was to Diane Swanson.

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