Peso Peso Net Worth: Rapping All the Way to Riches!

Mario Herrera Jr., or as known by his popular name, Peso Peso, is not even 25 years old! Fun fact: His first stage name was actually star baby. The sensational Texas rapper is known worldwide for his fantastic singles “Fasho,” “Uber,” and “Gummo Freestyle.” 

If you are a Peso fan, you must have already jammed at least a dozen times to tracks from “Hardest Ese Eva.” In this brief, we talk about Peso’s (Mario Herrera) early life, professional career, and net worth. Plenty of gossip ahead!

Estimated Net Worth

How much has Peso Peso stashed in his account? Well, courtesy of a remarkable career in the music industry, Peso Peso’s net worth is roughly $300,000. He is still growing big with his excellent foot-tapping numbers. 

We are pretty sure that these numbers are only going to get big in the future, considering the quality content he has already produced!

Early life

Peso has Mexican American heritage and was born on June 8, 1995 in Galveston County, Texas. The Texas-born music sensation was raised by his grandparents after his parents separated.

Not much is known about Peso Peso’s parents aside from that his father is Mario Herrera Sr. Peso was deprived of fatherly love in particular. While growing up, the environment around him did nothing to improve things. After joining the high school, he dropped out in 9th grade.

After dropping out of school, what followed was a period of hustling and selling drugs. It was the same time Peso started creating music as well. 

Professional Career

Peso started making songs way back in the year 2014. He signed on to the record label The Sauce Familia in 2019.

His first single, Gotta Have It, released under the record label Dope House Records was uploaded on YouTube on February 26, 2014, by the artist name King Pe$o. He then uploaded the second song after some time; it was called Except For That, on September 18, 2015. Despite not getting instant fame and flair, Peso didn’t lose hope and continued his musical journey.

Peso’s tracks include “Dirty,” “Trap House,” “Fasho,” “Trap Turnt,” “What U Mean,” “Yeah,” “Do It,” and “Trap Like Me.” The artist released his album “Hardest Ese Eva’ on July 12, 2019. From November 25, 2019, Peso started uploading his songs on his new YouTube channel, Peso Peso-Hardest Ese Eva.

Let’s quiz you a bit. Do you know which Peso songs are most viewed on his YouTube channel? Well, if you are scratching your head, let us tell you the answer to this question. “All In,” “Mi Vida Loka,” and “EBT” are his most viewed songs on YouTube.

Personal Life

Fans don’t know a lot about Peso’s love life. However, we know that Peso has a son, Zae, born on December 1, 2015. We are still unsure of the baby’s mother, so best to refrain from commenting on that. 

You can look at baby’s photos, though; his Insta handle is @baby_zae409

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