Kyle Dutcher Net Worth – Discover the Life of A Professional Roller Skater

Kyle Dutcher is an American professional roller skater and television personality. He is known by the nickname “Push.”

Kyle Dutcher Net Worth

Kyle Dutcher has a net worth of about 500K USD. He is a professional roller skater which is not a common thing we always hear about. It is sort of amazing and super fun how you make money doing one of the things you love the most or one of the things you are passionate about. For Kyle, this is roller skating.

In the mid 2000s, he began making a name for himself in the Atlanta skate community. He became better known by the nickname “Push.” In 2019, a video of Push and his group performing one of his signature moves went viral and was posted on different social media platforms.

Kyle Dutcher, along with his family, appeared in Paramount Network’s “Wife Swap.” They were on the show’s season 2 in 2020.

He has worked with many brands including Nike, Ocean Spray, and other fashion brands. He also teaches celebrities how to roller skate.

Personal Life

Kyle Dutcher’s personal life is not known to the public. There are no available details about his family, parents, and educational background online.

He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and still lives there with his wife and kids.

Professional Career

Kyle Dutcher’s professional career as a roller skater began in the mid 2000s when he was 26 years old. He was inspired when he saw a group dancing in their roller skates. This made him revisit his childhood activity of roller skating which he loved. He honed his skills with precision and slowly developed his own signature moves.

As he gradually became well known in the Atlanta skate culture, he earned the nickname “Push.” In 2019, a video of him and his group performing one of his signature moves went viral. Even comedian and social media personality, Tahir Moore, reacted to tha video. The same video was posted on various social media platforms including The Shade Room and D.L. Hughley . Dutcher or Push became a social media sensation immediately. He gained thousands of followers and their viral video had millions of views.

This led to Push becoming more and more popular. He has since trained a number of celebrities such as Usher, Sherri Shepherd, and Jermaine Dupri. Kyle Dutcher even engaged in a friendly skate rivalry online with Shaquille O’Neal. 

Push is a Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) member with his talents being featured in America’s Got Talent and the first Apple iPod Commercial. He also served as a consultant and roller skater in the movie “ATL.”

In 2020, Kyle Dutcher made a deal with KXNGPXN Skating Alliance, a talent management agency based in Charlotte, North Carolina. His Kick Glide Skate Workshop has become the premier group skate lesson in Atlanta. Push launched his very own skate brand, Nostalgia, in 2022. He also became a member of the Silver Fox Squad.

Their family appeared on Paramount Network’s “Wife Swap” episode Frayall vs. Dutcher. They were on the show’s season 2 episode 2.

Kyle Dutcher Dating History

Kyle Dutcher is married and has two kids. They reside in Atlanta, Georgia. He won over his wife’s heart by bringing her to a roller skating rink.

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